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Mushroom Risotto

Need a warm and comforting side dish? How about something easy to make with few ingredients? Something sure to impress the in-laws? This gluten-free and vegan mushroom risotto is sure to hit the spot and please everyone at your table! 

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Vegan Pecan Pie

Isn't it the season for pecan pie? I'm thinking it's time to share my recipe with you because I know you'll love it. For the pie crust, I found it at Costco. It's vegan and the brand is called "Pate 2000". If not, any pie crust will do.

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Vegan Ice Cream in Montreal

1. Ca Lem: They have original flavours like COCO PANDA and not to mention all the hype surrounding this brand with their trendy image. 2. Hoché Glacé:  If you fancy a good vegan "McFlurry" or banana slipt, you are in the right place. If you go there, ask for the whirlpool. My favorite flavor is definitely oreo and cookie dough.   3. Swirl: New Ice cream Parlor that's 100% vegan! 4. Dalla Rose:  Located on Notre-Dame West, their hand-made ice cream is definitely worth the detour. Several vegan options including ice cream sandwiches. 5. Wild Willy's:  Located in the West Island and in a small village, this ice cream parlor offers several vegan options. It's definitely worth the detour.    

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Last year marked 30 years for myself being meat-free, completely vegan for 19, and when one hears that someone is Vegetarian or Vegan it is a natural assumption that we eat loads of salads and get tons of greens into our daily lives.  Some days yes, some days no.

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OMP! (oh my potato)

Mashed. In a soup. Baked. Fries. In a wrap. Cubed in a southwestern salad.  In a curry.  In a scone. Gnocchi. Burgers. Shepherds pie. Cheesecake. Crumble. Pie. What do all these have in common, miraculously?  Sweet Potatoes!  February’s Vegan Little Life Box presented another lovely option with Owlies by Love Child Organics.  Tasty little spelt cookies infused with sweet potato and ginger.

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Vegan BLT

A bonus to sitting to the left of my grandfather was the endless buttered bread that came my way throughout every meal. It trained me well for my love of sandwiches!  There isn’t much that can not, and does not, become a sandwich in this house.

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Green Juice Recipe

Let's get on the Green Juice train this year! It helps cleanse the body with the benefits of green vegetables that are filled with vitamins and minerals that your body will quickly assimilate and transform into energy. Here's my favorite green juice recipe.

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Is it expensive to be Vegan?

We often hear that being a vegan is expensive. I am here to tell you that this is not true. Here's why. We often talk about vegan nutrition as being expensive, it is because we think that vegans are buying luxury foods, such as a non-vegan who buys lamb from time to time, but this is not the case. An plantbased lifestyle is the least expensive lifestyle in the world. The vegan diet consists mainly of legumes, lentils, rice, vegetables, fruits, seeds and pasta, which are the cheapest foods on the planet.

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Simply Sweet

July’s Vegan Little Life Box had a lovely package of Yupik Organic Dates which one could enjoy on their own or add to a few other simple ingredients and make an amazing vegan dessert. Our favourite vegan dessert book that includes dates is “Rawsome Vegan Baking by Emily Von Euw”.

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Homemade Granola

Do you love smoothie bowls like me? What better way to garnish your smoothie bowls than with granola. Granola bought in stores can sometimes contain a lot of refined sugar. So i've decided to share my granola recipe that doesn't have any refined sugar in it. 

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