5 Spring Must-Haves for your Kitchen

5 Spring Must-Haves for your Kitchen

The weather has been getting warmer for the past week or so in Montreal. We’re getting some serious signs that Spring is just around the corner. I figured this would be the perfect moment to share my Spring must-haves.Most of these items are things I own or have recently purchased and I believe are worth getting ASAP.

  1. Dragon Sauce by Aux Vivres

I always make sure i have this in my fridge. It’s the perfect dressing for your salads and buddha bowls. And i plan on making a LOT of these this season. If you live in the Montreal region, you can either get the sauce at the Aux Vivres restaurant or you could head over to Allons-Vert and get one there (they usually have them in stock). If you don’t live in Montreal, this could be hard to find, so you should probably try making your own with this awesome recipe!

Photo from http://mtlfoodpics.blogspot.ca/
Photo from http://mtlfoodpics.blogspot.ca/

2. Matcha T-Whisk

I fell in love with Matcha Lattes the minute i saw the beautiful green hue under the foamy milk at a local coffee shop. Once you’ve found the right Matcha and the right milk, all you have to get is a proper Matcha whisk.  A regular whisk won’t work because they aren’t made fine enough for the powdered green stuff. This will change everything. You can buy them in many different places, here is one of them.


3. Flowers

Okay, this might be a silly suggestion, but flowers can change your life. Ladies, no need to wait for a man to buy you a beautiful bouquet, walk on over to your local flower shop and treat yourself. Place them in a vase in your kitchen or dining room and notice how they change things. It smells fresher, looks divine and makes you feel a little better.

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4. Chocolate Hemp Bar by Manitoba Harvest

We discovered these in our March boxes. They taste delicious and are a great source of fatty acids and many more great nutrients. I know I will be eating these all Spring and Summer.


5. The Oh She Glows Cookbook

Filled with vegan recipes that are sure to brighten up your kitchen this season, this book will be the center of my kitchen inspirations until i’m done going through each page. Recipes like homemade oatmeal, pita chips, portobello fajitas, peanut butter cookie dough bites and more.


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