8 reasons why Wanderlust Festival is amazing

  1. The Dôme

This little globe of wonders was the first thing we noticed when arriving at Wanderlust. It’s a coffee/tea shop with carpets and pillows, low seated tables and a stage for the musicians. It was always packed with people. It’s the type of place that just drags you in and leaves you feeling zen.

Photo by Wanderlust Festival

2. Being in Nature

Tremblant is a dreamy location. The type of place you would see in a Christmas globe. It’s known for it’s skiing and outdoor activities as it’s surrounded by nature. A charming little town on a hill. The crisp mountain air and the nature that surrounded the Festival was the perfect setting for a weekend of relaxation and yoga. We even saw some people feeding wild deer.

Photo by Wanderlust Festival

3. The Live Music

Some of the yoga classes were accompanied by live music. It was my first time experiencing live music during a yoga class. It helps put you in a trance and really live in the moment and get lost in your practice. So much so that during my Foot Yoga class, I only realized that the music was live at the end of the practice. You have to experience this! There was also some great live music in a concert or DJ setting in various areas each night.

Photo by Wanderlust Festival

4. Qi Gong

Sometimes you have to go back to the source and take the time to feel your energy. It’s a very powerful thing. This was by far my favourite class. I felt like a Tai Chi master that was connected to all the energy forces in the world (okay, maybe i’m exaggerating a little). If you’re used to doing Vinyasa Yoga, you might want to try this out to switch things up a little bit. Because, there’s only so many downward dogs that one can do in a day.

Photo by Wanderlust Festival

5. The Vendors

We love products! Especially when they are health-related, and the vendor section at the bottom of the hill was really pleasant to walk through in-between classes. Lots of yoga wear, precious stones, jewelry and our friends from Manitoba Harvest! It was hard to control the spending.

Photo by Wanderlust Festival

6. The Restaurants

Tremblant is full of great restaurants. From falafel wraps to sushi and Pad Thai, there’s something for everyone and eating is really important when you’re spending your day being active. Even some of our favourites like Pizzateria had some gluten-free pizza dough for the occasion.

Photo by Wanderlust Festival

7.  The People

There’s something about people who do Yoga. They seem so down-to-earth, peaceful and open minded. Not to say that people who don’t do yoga aren’t like this, but it’s something i’ve noticed about Yogis. Think about it, these are all people who are investing their time and money in their wellness and peace of mind. They are here to find serenity and build physical and inner strength.  Most of them have found it and most of them are constantly working at it. Prepare yourself to meet some amazing people who will make your experience that much better.

Photo by Wanderlust Festival

8. Yoga on the beach

There were all kinds of classes on the beach. We did one on the sand under the tent because it was raining, but how relaxing it was to hear the sound of the raindrops falling on the water. You could also enjoy some Paddle Board Yoga, but I recommend booking these ahead of time as classes fill up pretty quickly.

Get more information on Wanderlust here !

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