Easy Ways to Boost your Energy (Naturally!)

Easy Ways to Boost your Energy (Naturally!)

With the warmer weather finally here we need simple ways to enjoy the longer days of patio hopping, outdoor concerts and coveted beach time. Let’s make the most those extended lunch hours, ‘work-from- home’ afternoons and 3-day weekends by trying some of my favourite tips to boost your energy levels without the caffeine…


Most of us often feel sluggish because we are low in fluids. Our bodies are over 60% water but most of us are dehydrated and tired, especially during the summer months. The good news is dehydration is a relatively easy fix: drink water, feel better. As a general rule-of- thumb, we need to drink about half our body weight (lbs) in ounces of water [a 150lb women would need about 75oz of water daily]. Tired of plain old H 2 0? Give your water a boost by switching to a homemade iced tea instead. Try using a herbal or green tea for smooth taste and limitless combinations.


Any kind will do! Preferably the type that will increase circulation to your upper body (think pumping your arms with jumping jacks, burpees or skipping)- even if only for a few of minutes, your brain gets an increase in blood supply and oxygen, leaving you feeling rejuvenated & more awake. Why not add in a quick 60 second burst of exercise before your mid-morning break?


Food should give you energy. Period. However, sometimes we are left feeling tired because of it (either eating too much or the wrong foods in the wrong amounts). I am a big believer in moderation so I’m not about to suggest strictly eliminating the main culprits (like wheat, dairy and refined sugar). But what I will say is that how you combine foods is as important as the foods themselves. For example, during a mid-afternoon slump at the office, many of us reach for some sort of sweet snack. Even some the ‘healthy’ ones can be high in carbohydrates with little fiber or protein. This translates to a surge in your blood sugar and an eventual drop in your energy. The good news is if you combine a sweet treat with healthy fats (raw nuts/seeds, half a protein bar) you will balance out the way sugar enters your body and avoid the energy crash! Why not prevent these spikes and dips in energy by regularly eating a balanced snack? Here are a few of my go-to’s:

  •  Plain Greek yogurt with hemp seeds and berries
  •  Apple slices and almond butter
  • Chia seeds with almond milk topped with coconut chips

Just in case you thought having more energy required a triple shot of espresso, now you know.

The question now becomes, what amazing things are YOU going to do with this increased boost??

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