Metabolism-Boosting Tea

Metabolism-Boosting Tea

This metabolism-boosting tea recipe was inspired by my need to get in shape for the Summer. Yea, I’m a little late, I know. I’m a busy girl, and with that, comes a lot of stress. Sometimes stress makes me skip meals, sometimes it makes me want to eat everything in sight…and the later would be the way to describe my eating habits lately…just great!

I’ve spent my life watching what I eat and being on diets.  I was on my first diet by the age of 11. This was brought on right after I realized that if I kept eating 8 slices of pizza at dinner like a gluttonous pig, I wouldn’t be able to wear my tankinis for very long. It was a competition – how much food could I fit into my body without throwing up?

I went through phases where I would hardly eat. High-school lunches consisted of either a Slim Fast shake, a Nutribar or a little jar of peanut butter right before my swim team practice. It was the best my mom could do to encourage me to eat during the day.  She knew I didn’t have a serious problem because I did eat normally at home, she even brought me to see the doctor to make sure i was okay. By 8th grade, I was a skinny runt. From age 18-23, I was at my heaviest, which really wasn’t that heavy, but it wasn’t a normal weight for my body, I wasn’t comfortable in my skin and that’s the most important thing when it comes to your weight.I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I was working out 4 times a week and eating healthy, but I couldn’t shake the extra weight. One day, I was so down and so fed-up of constantly obsessing about my figure that I just said, screw it. I dropped everything and started eating what I wanted, when I wanted by listening to my body. I kept active, but not obsessively. All of a sudden I felt free and with that freedom came a sense of confidence that I thought was long gone. I eventually went back to being happy in my skin. Whether you’re comfortable at size 0 or 14, honey, you go ahead and rock it! What’s important is being healthy and feeling good.

So there’s a piece of my life that might help you understand the thinking behind what I do, I have many more like that, but I’ll try to keep these rants to a minimum. Diets don’t work for me and that might not be the case for everyone.  I end up overthinking, overeating and being unhappy. I need to listen to the voices inside.

Today, i’m making this tea to give my body a healthy boost to encourage it to wake up and start moving. The sun is coming out, and I think you should join me! The vitamin C in the citrus, mixed with the green tea boosts the catechin’s absorption in the green tea and allows it to give your body to burn calories faster. The cayenne pepper is also known to help boost your metabolism.


  • 2 cups of Green Tea
  • 1/2 grapefruit
  • 1/2 lime
  • Tiny pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)


  1. Make 2 cups of green tea according to the direction on your tea.
  2. Add the fruit juices. You can use a strainer to make sure that the pits and pulp don’t get inside your drink, but personally, I like the pulp.
  3. Add a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper

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