OMP! (oh my potato)

OMP! (oh my potato)

Mashed. In a soup. Baked. Fries. In a wrap. Cubed in a southwestern salad.  In a curry.  In a scone. Gnocchi. Burgers. Shepherds pie. Cheesecake. Crumble. Pie.

What do all these have in common, miraculously?  Sweet Potatoes!  February’s Vegan Little Life Box presented another lovely option with Owlies by Love Child Organics.  Tasty little spelt cookies infused with sweet potato and ginger.

Native to Central and South America, fossil evidence shows that sweet potatoes were growing in the America’s 35 milling years ago.  People often do not know the difference between yams and sweet potatoes, but these two plants are not related.  Yams are related to grasses and lillies and are Native to Africa and Asia. 

Sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin A which is important for growth and development and help to maintain a healthy immune system.  Also containing alpha and beta carotene, and lutein they are helpful to eye health.  Vitamin A is also essential for a healthy reproduction system.

In todays world of constant stress, their high levels of magnesium can play a role in helping to calm your brain.  If you are low in magnesium you might experience mood disturbances including low or depressed mood.  

 Another surprise which you may not be aware of is that women, specifically, can benefit from including sweet potatoes in their diet to help with post-menopausal symptoms.  Studies have shown increased concentrations of estrone, sex hormone binding globulin and estradiol. These combined increases could also be beneficial in the reduction of breast cancer of post-menopausal women as well.

No matter which way you choose to have your sweet potatoes, it is a powerhouse of nutrition and so amazingly versatile you can easily have a 4 course meal with it being the star of each dish.  But while you are figuring out what to make you can crunch on the delightful Owlies from Love Child. 


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