The importance of drinking water

The importance of drinking water

Drink Water.  It seems like such an easy thing but for so many people that I talk with they find getting the recommended daily intake of water difficult. 

Between morning coffee or tea, breakfast juices, smoothies and cocktails you would think that you are surely getting enough water.  But you need to drink actual water!

 Water accounts for 60% of your body weight and your body requires water for your survival.  

 When your body becomes depleted of water, dehydration occurs and your body will start to show signs of thirst, dry skin, fatigue, dizziness, confusion and your heart rate may become rapid as well as your breathing.

 Staying hydrated is a term used in the health and beauty industry for keeping your skin healthy and replenishing after workouts but the reality of dehydration is much more sinister.  When your water levels drop below an unhealthy level, the liquid is diverted to fill vital organs with blood causing cells throughout the body to shrink and as water leaves the brain cells, the brain contracts and blood vessels within the cranium can burst. (1)

 Another vital aspect of keeping the right amount of water intake is healthy kidney function.  Given that your kidneys are your body’s own waste management system they are one of the most important organs to keep healthy.  Kidney stones and urinary tract infections are no fun for anyone.  Looking at the guidelines from theNation Kidney Foundation is helpful.

 On a personal note, my Uncle Mark spent most of his career operating a water filtration business which encompassed a good portion of the Vancouver and surrounding areas; as well as many places on Vancouver Island.  He provided the tools and equipment for clean water systems to private and professional establishments, micro breweries and even the water you would drink from the public taps in the very beautifulStanley Park.  A small piece of advice I learned from him was to pay attention to the dissolved minerals in your water and his recommendation was keeping your water under 100PPM (parts per million) as kidney stones are a buildup of dissolved minerals.

 May’s Vegan Little Life Box treated us to a 500ml Flow Organic Blackberry + Hibiscus Flavoured Water and for those of you who find drinking water difficult, these flavoured waters may just be your thing!  

Stay Hydrated this summer! 

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