Vegan Almond Butter Squares

Vegan Almond Butter Squares

January’s Box had an amazing full sized jar of Justin’s Almond Butter and what
better way to use it than this? A perfect sweet treat!


1/4C Vegan Margarine
1 Package of Dandies Vegan Marshmallows
6C Rice Krispies
1 package Dark Chocolate Chips
1/2 c Canadian Maple Syrup
1/2 c Coconut Oil
1/3 c Almond Butter
1 tsp of Pure Vanilla or more to your taste salt to your taste


1. Make Rice Krispie Squares by melting the margarine and marshmallows until
smooth, then add the Rice Krispies and blend! Press into an 8 x 13 baking dish and set aside.
2. Using a double boiler, or a glass bowl over a regular pot of boiling water, melt 12
ounces of dark chocolate chips and with a spatula, spread over the top of the Rice
3. Using a mini blender, you can use a fork also, combine the maple syrup, coconut oil, almond butter and vanilla and blend until smooth. Add gently to the top of the layer of chocolate.
4. Cool before cutting into bars/squares. Refrigerate when not nibbling! They are best served at room temperature.


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