Vegan BLT

Vegan BLT

A bonus to sitting to the left of my grandfather was the endless buttered bread that came my way throughout every meal. It trained me well for my love of sandwiches!  There isn’t much that can not, and does not, become a sandwich in this house.

Being vegan, you might think that sandwich options would be limited to salad on bread but there are endless tasty sandwiches to be had.  Recently a panini press has made sandwiches more exciting; and melty.

The old fashioned BLT is now a TLT (Tempeh, Lettuce, Tomato) and the never fail egg salad is now “eggless” salad using firm tofu.  Both full of protein, filling and tasty enough for breakfast, lunch or even dinner!  

Tempeh is traditional Indonesian food made from fermented soybeans which have been fermented, or broken down by micro-organisms. While it is high in protein, vitamins and minerals , it is low in sodium and carbohydrates.  During the fermentation process the breakdown of phytic acid occurs which helps aid in better digestion and absorption.  Tempeh, along with other fermented foods, contain beneficial bacteria called probiotics which promote a healthy gut.

Some research suggests that the isoflavones in soy beans can lower cholesterol levels.  Tempeh is a great source of calcium which is important for strong dense bones, especially as you age. 

Sometimes you want to skip the big food preparation and just enjoy a good old fashioned sandwich.  Little Life Box’s December Vegan Box contained just the perfect item for this!  A nice slathering of Mama Yo Mayonnaise with a few simple healthy ingredients, and maybe just a few tasty potato chips on the side!


TLT Sandwich


2 pieces of your favourite bread to toast or press in panini

1 juicy tomato sliced

1 tbs Mama Yo Mayonnaise 

4-6 slices of Tofurkey Treehouse Tempeh Smoky Maple Bacon flavour

Salt and Pepper


Daiya Foods has a wonderful selection of cheese slices for your sandwich pleasure if you would like to add cheese to yours!



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