What’s in the May 2016 Little Life Box?

What’s in the May 2016 Little Life Box?

This week our members started to receive their May boxes, a unique box that blends skincare, snacks and healthy essentials to create a gift-to-self that’s tailored for the health curious. As the time to reveal this month’s content has arrived, we’re super happy with the response so far. We love treating our members to exciting new products every month and this time around, we hit the jackpot.

With light purple hues to reflect the colours of the flowers blooming around us, our box has never been so heavy and has never contained so many full-size products.


  1. Superfood + Pepitas – Chia Rosemary – Navitas Naturals – $5.99

It takes us a lot to get out of bed in the morning (coffee, tea, matcha latte, you name it) but this superfood mix gets us pretty excited to start the day. It contains superfoods and nutrient rich seeds and nuts that are perfect to add to your morning cereal.


2. Brussel Bytes – Tamarind Apple – Wonderfully Raw – $6.75

When you’re looking for a snack, you want something tasty, satisfying and healthy, right!? Well these little bites are the perfect thing to munch on. They are so unique and definitely replace your kale chips.

3. Soybutter – Wowbutter – $0.50

Just like peanut butter. Minus the peanuts.


4. Coconut Chips – Classic – Hungry Buddha – $6

They can be added to any savoury or sweet dish or even stay as they are and be eaten on their own.


5. Sweetened Sample Kit – Wholesome Sweet – $6.50

This sample kit allows you to try a variety of healthy sugars and syrups to find the one you like best: Organic Pancake Syrup, Organic Coconut Palm Syrup, Organic Blue Agave, Organic Stevia, Natural Raw Cane Turbinado Sugar, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar and Organic Cane Sugar.


6. Dried Fruit – Exotic – Level Ground – $7

This mix of fairtrade premium dried fruit is so unique and tasty: dried dragon fruit, golden berry & coconut.


7. Shea Butter – Earth’s Care – $10

This body butter only uses one ingredient: shea. It has great soothing and moisturizing properties.


8. Dressing – Italian – Maison Orphée – $4.49

It’s made with First Cold-Pressed Oil and organic ingredients.


9. Flat-out Loofah – Urban Spa – $4

This loofah is eco-friendly and just a little water will make it your skin’s best friend.


10. Energy Water – Guru – $2.70

It’s made with caffeine from green tea and organic ingredients that we recognize and love.


11. Coffee – Lush – Ethical Bean – $3

This blend is full and rich with notes of fruit, smoke and earth.


12. Golden Berry Energy Mix – FOODFIX – $2.50

Central Roast’s Energy Power Mix will give you the energy will give you the energy boost you need to up your game. It contains nuts, seeds, dried fruit and more.

Total value: $61.93

Don’t forget to purchase a box this month for yourself or for a friend. Little Life Box is giving $1.00 per box sold during the month of may to the Canadian Red Cross to help the people of Fort McMurray during this horrible Wildfire disaster.








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