Yoga Posture of the Month – Sirsasana – Bound Headstand

Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself with the king of asanas

Sirsasana – Headstand


1-Come into a kneeling position and grab your opposite elbows to determine the correct distance of your arms

2-Interlock your fingers and bring the top of the head on the floor, allowing the back of the head to rest at the base of your palms right at the wrist crease.

3- Straighten your legs and walk your feet toward your head until your hips are above your shoulders. This alignment will allow to distribute the weight efficiently so the legs come off the floor (don’t kick up)

4- Bend one knee at a time and tuck it into your chest.

5-Slowly straighten both legs up,. Make sure to engage your abs and avoid pushing your hips back

6- Hold for 5-10 breaths

7-Slowly bend your knees into your chest, lower your feet to the floor,

8-Rest in Child’s Pose.

***Slowly lifting into Headstand rather than jumping into it will help prevent falling


I recommend practicing this posture under the supervision of a certified yoga teacher or instructor.

Practicing against a wall is also a good way to get extra support.


1- The inverted position flushes fresh nutrients and oxygen to the face, creating a glowing effect on the skin and a natural face lift

2- Strengthens the immune system by stimulating and draining the lymphatic fluid throughout the body

3- Stimulates the endocrine system providing refreshed blood to the pituitary and hypothalamus glands.

4- Flushes the adrenal glands which detoxifies the system and helps in decreasing symptoms of depression.

5- The anti-gravity effect improves cardiovascular function by allowing blood to flow more easily back to the heart.

6- Increase digestive fire and body heat.

7- Cleanses the intestines and relieves congested blood in the colon.

8- Headstands strengthen deep core muscles.


The majority of your weight should be on your forearms and not on your head. If you feel like your upper body is weak, you won’t be able to create and hold a stable base.

Avoid Bound Headstand if you have ;

-Neck injuries

-High blood pressure

-Ear and eye infections



-Acid reflux

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