About Us

- Chelsea & Suzanne

« We’ve always, since we can remember, been health-curious. »

When Chelsea first talked to her mum Suzanne about her idea of a health-based subscription box, it didn’t take too long to figure out that this was definitely something that had to be explored. The thought was not just to offer snacks or cosmetics, but to share any kind of product which provide a healthier choice alternative to things we all consume every day. What started as a flash of inspiration, grew into an obsession in a very short time. The idea of being able to start something together that they were so passionate about was an easy step to take.

« We believe in taking one healthy step at a time, decisions we can live with and feel good about making. No pressure, no fads. Changing one old habit at a time, making changes when we can. We’ve always, since we can remember, been health-curious. Trying out all sorts of new, natural products, new recipes, new types of exercise for mind and body. Dealing with intolerances to certain foods and compensating with others became a stepping stone to just eating better things, craving the natural, slowly shunning the corrupt, little by little. »