3 reasons for not skipping breakfast

3 reasons for not skipping breakfast

You don't always have time to eat breakfast? You always leave in a rush in the morning? Well know that skipping breakfast isn't the best idea. Here are some reasons why I strongly encourage you to eat breakfast in the morning:

  1. Energie: If you're lacking energy in the morning, it might be because you skipped breakfast. After a long night of fasting, breakfast feeds our body and our brain to start the day with energy. They need glucose to function effectively.
  2. Eating too much: In the morning, if your body doesn't get what it needs, that is the fuel to function, we will feel exhausted. We will then be much more likely to overeat later on in the day, which also leads to eating things that aren't as healthy for us.
  3. Strengthen your metabolism: When you go to bed, your body goes into slow mode because it doesn't need as much energy during the night. Breakfast is important to give your metabolism a wake-up call. It will then work effectively to help your body perform it's best and burn calories.

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