6 restaurants in Montreal with Vegan options that are a must this Summer

6 restaurants in Montreal with Vegan options that are a must this Summer

Winter is finally over! Make room for long evenings on terraces with friends. Are you looking for a place to spend the evening with friends for dinner or simply have a drink or a dessert ?! I have prepared a list of places to try this summer. Here it is:

1- Restaurant Radis

New vegan restaurant in Montreal with an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. Do not be fooled by the name, it serves much more than just vegetables. On the menu you can find pizza, homemade mozzarella and pasta. It's definitely worth seeing for good Italian food and good wine.


2- Souchi (Bar à sushis) :

Want sushi? You're looking for vegan options and your friends aren't? Souchi has options for everyone. It offers a completely vegan menu and an ordinary menu, which will please everyone.

3- ChuChai :

Thai type restaurant and 100% vegan. ChuChai offers fine cuisine and will please everyone. From tofu to plant-based shrimp, even carnivores will love it.

4- Hoché glacé :

Want a dessert? See you at Hoché Glacé where they have a great selection of vegan ice creams and even more enticing toppings than you can imagine. My favorite mix is ​​the Oreo whirl with vegan cookie dough and vanilla soy ice cream.

5- Bistro Tendresse:

Bistrot Tendresse offers a complete vegan menu. You can go for brunch, lunch, dinner or simply for a drink. An original and bold menu that you must try! 

6- Venice Montreal:

With 3 locations in Montreal the Venice restaurants offer a California surfer vibe and some vibrant and delicious food. Mostly known for their poke bowls they also have great smoothies and fresh pressed juices. Did you know that their cocktail menu is also fantastic? 



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