Are Powdered Drink Mixes Good for You?

Are Powdered Drink Mixes Good for You?

par: Chelsea Brennan

These days, it seems like energy drink mixer’s are EVERYWHERE. I’m not talking about Red Bull or Guru, i’m talking about those individual powdered packs that you mix with water.  The type you receive in your Little Life Box.

In our February boxes, we featured MagPop, which is a powdered drink mix made of Magnesium Bisglycinate and Vitamin C. Many of you might be confused about whether or not you should be drinking this stuff and some of you might not even know what it is. Here’s what you should know.

A simple glass of water
A simple glass of water

Magnesium Bisglycinate:

  • Made of Magnesium (essential mineral) and Glycine (non-essential amino acid). Humans used to get a good amount of minerals from their water, but today, our water is hugely transformed and does not contain the amount of minerals that it used to.  
  • Many people are magnesium deficient
  • It is very important in the functioning our cells, nerves, bones, muscles and heart.
  • This type of magnesium is less likely to cause a laxative effect than other forms.
  • According to Dr. Mark Hyman, it is an antidote to stress and one of the best minerals to help relaxation and sleep.
Pouring in the magic mix
Pouring in the magic mix

Vitamin C:

  • One of the safest and most effective nutrients.
  • Improves cardiac health and helps to avoid degenerative diseases.
  • Increases the amount of iron we can absorb from plant sources, such as kale, broccoli and sprouts.
  • Can help reduce the symptoms of a regular cold
  • Unless you can eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, you may need to take a dietary supplement of vitamin C to gain all the benefits.

Why MagPop?

  • It’s gluten free, vegan, soy free and kid safe
  • It’s tasty & fizzy
  • It contains 100mg of pure elemental magnesium
  • It comes in individual servings that are easy to use. Simply add in water, stir and enjoy.

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