Bana Krisp Breakfast Bowl

Bana Krisp Breakfast Bowl

Mornings are just the best. Although this may not be your favourite time of the day (you’ve probably pressed that snooze button one too many times), and staying warm under the blankets seems way better than freezing your face off outside, the beginning of a new day means we get to start fresh.

What better way to start fresh than with a great breakfast bowl.  This time we’re thinking a little bit out of the box and introducing a new way to eat these amazing fruit crackers (vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, corn-free).  In a bowl, with fruit and dairy-free milk.  You can go ahead and get creative, but here is a suggestion.

  • Fresh Cherries
  • Strawberries
  • Banana
  • Chocolate soy milk

The Bana Krisp soaks up the milk and becomes somewhat like a breakfast cereal.

*Super excited to start the day!

Get your Bana Krisp 

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