How to eat vegan when travelling?

How to eat vegan when travelling?

It’s important to plan ahead and pack your suitcase according to the availability of vegan food in the area that you are travelling to. For example, Cuba doesn’t have a abundance of vegan food at every corner so you’ll want to be equipped.

For breakfast, you could bring bread, peanut or almond butter or some maple syrup. You could also bring individual packs of oatmeal and use the hot water over there to make it. Cereal is another option that you could enjoy with some nut milk that you could bring in little cardboard boxes. This will give you a good variety of choices for your breakfasts. In tropical places there is often great fresh fruit available so don’t forget about that!


For lunch, you’ll often be able to find a good variety of vegetables either cooked or raw. Buffets also have rice, lentils and legumes. Don’t forget the pasta too! However, the tomato sauce isn’t always good so I recommend you bring your own.


Dinner is often a repeat of what’s available at lunch. So I would recommend you bring some tofu packed in cardboard because you can’t bring fresh tofu in your luggage and canned beans. It’s also not a bad idea to bring some of your favourite spices to add flavor to your dishes.


Desert is often fruit so I would recommend you bring anything else that you would prefer to nibble on.

Don’t forget to pack snacks like nuts, dates and crackers to satisfy your hunger whenever you might need it. One of the best things to enjoy on vacation is fresh coconut. You can often ask an employee at your resort and they will ask the gardener to cut one for you to enjoy. Snack bars are also a good way to keep you satiated when travelling.


Hopefully these tips will help you for your next all-inclusive trip!


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