Edgy Veggies

The October 2016 Little Life Box was very impressive. This was my first Little Life box, and my first healthy lifestyle box. There were so many new brands that I have never heard of in the box and I was so excited to learn more about the healthy snacks I could try. The Little Life Box offers a fantastic mix of full size and sample sized products. I liked that there were not only healthy snacks, but also healthier lifestyle items. Out of all the items in the October 2016 box, my favourite was the Edgy Veggies crackers. I got a full sized box of rosemary roasted butternut squash crackers. DELISH!!! 
These crackers had just the right amount of crunch and a perfect balance of flavours. I liked how the crackers came in a couple individually wrapped packs so they stayed fresher longer. BONUS! The Edgy Veggies crackers were very yummy on their own, but would taste even better with your favourite toppings. The possibilities are endless! The rosemary added a very delicious aftertaste and I will most definitely purchase these again after getting the chance to try them. I’m very happy to have discovered Edgy Veggies crackers from the Little Life Box. I’m looking forward to seeing what other brands I fall in love with in next month’s box!

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