Enjoy The Holidays & Stress Less

This is the time of year when we start thinking about the gifts we need to buy, the parties we should attend (or host!), and how on earth we are going to get through the chaos in a healthy (and relatively low-stress) way.

I am here to tell you it is possible to enjoy the holiday season without losing your cool.  Let’s fact it, stress is inevitable during the month of December but how we deal with the stress isn’t. Here are a few strategies that are guaranteed to improve your mood, keep you sleeping soundly and prevent those holiday pounds from packing on.

Have a Happy Holiday

When we feel like we’ve agreed to too many after-work events, secret-santas and there seems to be no downtime in sight, there is hope! Keep in mind that our mood is a direct reflection of our behaviour and thoughts. So…. make a habit of doing 1 thing you love every day (no matter how busy you are). Whether it’s grabbing your favourite hot drink from your local café or taking 15 minutes to cozy up on the couch and read a book, your mood will get a boost from your actions almost automatically. When you make this a daily practice, you’ll find the chaos of the holidays seems to melt away.

Getting zzzz from smelling these

After a long day of shopping and visiting friends, all you want to do is sleep. However, sometimes a day of non-stop activity can keep the brain awake even when the body is exhausted.  When this happens, turn to your favourite essential oil. Add a drop or two to your palms, rubs both together and breathe in deeply. Or place a few drops onto your pillow. Some of my favourites for calming and grounding the mind are lavender, ylang ylang and frankincense (especially perfect for this time of year).

Water is your best friend

I hate sounding like a broken record on this one, but fluids are super important for our health (especially when consuming a lot of sweet treats, alcohol and caffeine)! So make your body happier by loading up on fluids (you need half of your body weight in ounces of water per day). To make this even easier, the cold weather calls for warming, herbal teas like rooibos, ginger or lemon balm. Try adding some non-dairy milk for a creamier treat! Did I mention staying hydrated can keep the unwanted pounds off too??

Start putting these strategies into effect and watch how much you enjoy your holiday season!

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