February Favourites 2018

February Favourites 2018

February was such a good month. I got to try a lot of new products and i'm excited to share my favourites!

1. Zenergy Bars

I love the concept behind these bars. Good branding can go along way and the fact that you can pick a bar according to what you want: energy, muscles, metabolism or mood is really cool. I mean I received a bunch and wonder where they all want. Either I inhaled them or my boyfriend stole some. The ingredients are on point, minimal and they aren't too sweet.

2. Turmeric Golden Mylk Mix by Botanica 

I've finally found the ultimate way to make a turmeric golden mylk and the secret ingredient is this mix. You simply add some to your favorite warm milk, mix and enjoy!

3. Evive Smoothie

Not a surprise to find us talking about smoothies again. We recently had the chance to try Evive Smoothie's 3 new flavours and I have to admit that i'm hooked. I reaaallly like making my own smoothies, but how can you beat this? They are frozen smoothie cubes that simply require you add your liquid of choice...stir and enjoy. Mornings just got a lot easier.

4. Pure Heart Essentials Soaps

There's nothing like a good handmade soap. Their sage soap is my fave! 

5. Activated Charcoal - Organika

It's basically the best way to whiten your teeth. Simply dip your toothbrush in the black powder and brush. You can also use it as a mask, but I personally find it too messy. 

6. Vista Magazine

We featured an issue in our February box and we're thinking of doing this more often for our members. Vista Magazine is a great Canadian ressource for everything healthy! Recipes, health tips, products and more!

7. Green Tea Primer - Evio

This silky smooth primer from our March box is cruelty free and vegan. Apply before putting on your makeup to help smooth everything out! Love it!

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