Is it expensive to be Vegan?

Is it expensive to be Vegan?

We often hear that being a vegan is expensive. I am here to tell you that this is not true. Here's why.

We often talk about vegan nutrition as being expensive, it is because we think that vegans are buying luxury foods, such as a non-vegan who buys lamb from time to time, but this is not the case. An plantbased lifestyle is the least expensive lifestyle in the world. The vegan diet consists mainly of legumes, lentils, rice, vegetables, fruits, seeds and pasta, which are the cheapest foods on the planet.

It is obvious that when you buy pre-made vegan foods like burgers, they can be more expensive than meat. However, this is because of supply and demand. The more there are vegan people, the more accessible and affordable will be the pre-made foods. Plant milks, for example, are less expensive than cow's milk because of their shelf life and because of the high demand. Of course, whether it's vegan or not, buying pre-made foods will always be more expensive than making these dishes at home.

We also tend to think that vegan restaurants are more expensive, but it's important to look at it in another way. In fact, any specialty restaurant will be more expensive - like eating in a luxurious grill restaurant.

To conclude, we must remember that eating vegan at home is the best solution. Vegan eating is eating what is cheaper like fruits, seeds, pasta and vegetables. I hope this encourages you if you're on the path towards veganism or at least eating a few vegan dishes a week.


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