Part-Time Smoothie Cleansing with Glow Cleanse

Part-Time Smoothie Cleansing with Glow Cleanse

As much as I adore Winter, the cold has really been getting to me.  It doesn’t help that everyone seems to be posting pictures of their vacation in the sun, but i’m convinced this has nothing to do with feeling a little under the weather. I mean come on. It’s minus 25 out there. Can we please get some props for simply getting ourselves out of bed!?

I can sit here and try to figure out why i’m not feeling so great and the answer is simple: I work around the clock and don’t take enough time to pause, to give my body a break. Even though I try my best to drink my smoothies, eat my veggies and stay active.  It just isn’t enough. Well, it wasn’t enough until I was introduced to Glow Cleanse. This Montreal based company who sells smoothie cleanses. We actually featured their new Detox Tea in some of our February boxes.

The concept is great: you choose the cleanse that best suits your needs online and they’ll deliver it straight to you or you can choose your pickup location. The juices come in a box with an ice pack in the bottom so they stay super fresh and ready to drink.  You also receive information and tips about your cleanse and all for only $65 per cleanse.

So Pretty!

I opted for a 1 day cleanse.  Since I have an already complete and healthy diet, I chose to use my cleanse as an extra boost of vitamins rather than drinking the smoothies on their own.  I ate smaller quantities of food and split the smoothies with my boyfriend in between meals (at the time of day that was recommended). Personally, I believe eating whole foods is necessary and shouldn’t be replaced by liquid, but I also believe that the human body needs to go through a cleanse like this every season, especially in Spring when our bodies need to clear out the yucky stuff accumulated during Winter.

The smoothies were so tasty and easy to consume. Every single one had a unique flavour that i think everybody would love. I even tried their Strawberry Cashew Milk in my cereal and it was absolutely yum! I would absolutely consider doing this on a regular basis. It’s great for people who don’t have the time to get all their vitamins and nutrients, which is most of us.

Mmm Cashew Milk

We both LOVED it and felt like we were back to our normal selves. Full of energy and ready to conquer the world!

Have you tried Glow Cleanse? What did you think?


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