Summer Faves

Summer Faves

1- Routine Deodorant

A natural deodorant that works ?! Finally, a natural deodorant that works for real. Routine is a Calgary-based company that produces natural and effective deodorants. What makes it different?! It is in a cream form, so it should be applied with the hands. 

2- Urban Picnik Salad

Urban Picnik produces complete vegetarian and vegan meal salads. These are ready to-go in pots that you simply mix and eat. As simple as that. Full of taste and nutrition. You will love them. Why not try it during your lunch break this summer ?!

3- Charcoal Soap by Nova Scotia Fisherman

You will fall in love with this soap for its benefits and its exquisite smell. Made from organic charcoal; it purifies, exfoliates and clears your skin. 

4-Nice cream by Chimp treats

Want ice cream, but don't want the bad calories ?! Chimp treats is an ice cream made from bananas and other fruits only. No other ingredients. A great way to cool off this summer. 

5-Lava Pumice by Urban spa

Do you want soft feet this summer? Urban Spa is here for you with its Lava Pumice stone made of magnesium, iron and oxygen. It will leave your feet pleasant to the touch and beautiful in sandals. Try it.. 

6 - Matcha Face Mask by Noix De Coco

This is the best natural Face Mask I have tried and the second best is the Turmeric one by the same brand. Superfood-infused, it cleanses your skin and helps rejuvenate your cells. I love that's it's a powder form because it allows you to play with the consistency and control how much you use at a time.

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