Urban Herb Gardener

Urban Herb Gardener

par: Dusty Sandison

There are few things for a vegan that are more exciting than finding the freshest summer produce at the local grocery store, but growing your own is that one step further in connecting to the healthy foods that sustain you.
Not everyone in today's world has a yard to have a giant garden and some people are not even fortunate enough to have a balcony. But with a well lit window, some good soil, determination and some tiny, fragrant herbs, you CAN be an urban gardener.
From Mint to Cilantro and Basil to Sage, these tiny leafy plants can enhance the flavour of nearly everything you eat and drink.  You can make Mint tea, or just a hint of Mint in a glass of water or perhaps a Mojito.  I like to add Mint to sliced, or spiralized, cucumbers with red onion, salt, pepper, vinegar and oil for a quick elegant salad.  
Cilantro is a staple to most Mexican type dishes in this house such as burritos, black bean salad and the ever popular Guacamole!   We have even enjoyed Cilantro in our smoothies with blueberries and a banana! (an Instagram post from "theinfinitecup" got us on to that tasty one)
This year the patio is flourishing with Basil, Cilantro and Jalapenos!  Growing these amazing peppers are a first for me and I was caught off guard at the amounts which are "poppin" off the plant. 
With a few simple ingredients you can enjoy the fruits of you labour and have an amazing summertime treat.  Or Two. 
We enjoyed a lovely lunch full of tastebud tantalization with this gorgeous Guacamole, using our Jalapeno Peppers and Cilantro, with nachos and this beautiful Bruschetta using an abundance of Basil. 
Healthy good food isn't complicated. 

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