Vegan Ice Cream in Montreal

Vegan Ice Cream in Montreal

1. Ca Lem: They have original flavours like COCO PANDA and not to mention all the hype surrounding this brand with their trendy image.

2. Hoché Glacé: 

If you fancy a good vegan "McFlurry" or banana slipt, you are in the right place. If you go there, ask for the whirlpool. My favorite flavor is definitely oreo and cookie dough.


3. Swirl: New Ice cream Parlor that's 100% vegan!

4. Dalla Rose: 

Located on Notre-Dame West, their hand-made ice cream is definitely worth the detour. Several vegan options including ice cream sandwiches.

5. Wild Willy's

Located in the West Island and in a small village, this ice cream parlor offers several vegan options. It's definitely worth the detour.



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