Vegan restaurants to try in New York

Vegan restaurants to try in New York

Here are 4 places in New York that should not be missed if you are vegan or just curious: 

By Chloe 

Are you in a hurry and want a good burger ?! You do not want to compromise eating healthy and delicious ?! Bychole is the perfect place! A good burger with french fries to go with their famous chipotle sauce and beet ketchup. Not only is Bychloe known for its food, but also for its super fun concept. You will love it!  

Candle 79

It is a classy restaurant that serves quality vegan food. Not only is the food extraordinary, but so are the employees. Super helpful. I strongly suggest trying it.

Cinnamon snail

It's a truck on the road that offers you vegan desserts including delicious donuts and food to take away. Typical New York concept, vegan and we love it! 

Screamers Pizzeria

This place specializes in 100% vegan pizza. You will find vegan pizza like you have never tasted. A must-try. 


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