What was in the August 2016 Little Life Box?

What was in the August 2016 Little Life Box?

We just love the combination of products in our box this month. I mean, who says they don’t like hair/beard oil? This month’s box is great for snacking, getting healthy with some vitamins and making some smoothies/kefir all the while staying beautiful and pampered. There’s something for everyone in it. This review is a review of one of our Original Boxes.


  1. Popocorn – Skinny Pop – $2

You don’t have to make homemade popcorn to ensure that you’re eating the healthy kind. This popcorn by Skinny Pop is low in calories, gluten-free and non GMO to name a few. Let’s just say it’ll make your next movie night guilt-free and amazing!



2. Hemp Hearts – Manitoba Harvest – $1

Once you’ve tried adding hemp hearts to pretty much everything, you never go back. It adds a wonderful nutty flavour to your plate and is also a source of protein and Omega 3.


3. Coconut Chips – Sriracha – Hungry Buddha – $6

Looking to spice up your food?  In an absolutely amazing, crunchy, natural, healthy way. These coconut chips are your best bet. They can be added to any savoury or sweet dish or even stay as they are and be eaten on their own.


4. Nutberry Yogourt Blend – Breakfast – Central Roast – $2

Our definition of a good breakfast is something nutritious, yummy and filling. This blend of nuts, yogurt and fruits is perfect to put on your smoothie, yogurt or peanut butter toast.


5. Kefir – Yogourmet – $1

Here’s a quick lesson in history: Origins of kefir may be 4000 years old but it’s still a major trend! Well-known as a fermented probiotic milk it contains vitamin B1, B12, calcium, folate and vitamin K2.


6. Black Tea – Breakfast Blend – Choice Organic Teas – $1

Using this tea in the morning instead of coffee is the way-to-go when you want to take-in a little less caffeine. We love how classic it is and how good it makes us feel. Everyone needs a little black tea once in a while!


7. Natural Stress Relief – Black Currant – Bach – $12

Created to help relieve your stress in a natural way, these pastilles are great for coping with exam stress, driving tests, first day of school nerves, job interviews and high pressure environments.


8. Toothpaste – Peppermint – Dr. Bronner’s – $1

Our pearly whites require extra care and only partly because this world needs to see more beautiful, healthy smiles. Luckily, we’ve found this toothpaste – by Dr. Bronner’s.


9. Rose Hair Elixir – The Innate Life – $20

We’re always trying to keep our hair hydrated, and we’ve bought our share of hair products (and wasted money along the way). But this cute little bottle of hair elixir not only smells like a dream, but it makes our hair shiny and feeling as nourished as ever.


10. Men + Women’s Complete – Smarty Pants – $1

We love gummy vitamins.  What an easy and fun way to get your daily dose of goodness, without overdoing it with the candy thing.


11. Foot File – Urban Spa – $4

A one-step solution to dry skin and calluses wherever they are. Use dry, or wet and soapy in the shower. Perfect for hands, elbows, knees and feet.


This month’s box has 11 products and the product value is $51.

Don’t forget to sign-up for our September Box while quantities last!



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