What was in the July 2016 Little Life Box?

What was in the July 2016 Little Life Box?

The July box is hands down, one of the most seasonal and fun box we’ve had this year. First, there’s Swimwear Wash (perfect for bikini season), then there’s the Kale Superfood Crackers that are perfect for our summer bowls, and to top it off, there’s a whole bottle of conditioner to give your beach waves a nourishing and shiny touch. It’s a box that has less snacks than usual, but we love it for that reason. We have to keep things different so everyone is happy ALL THE TIME.

This review will combine most products from the Original and Vegan box so it’s normal if you didn’t get all of these items or if there are some that you did get that aren’t featured here. For those you can visit our Past Boxes section for the details. We will include the range of value at the bottom of this article.


  1. Lentil Chips – Sea Salt – Simply 7 – $2

Get the best of both worlds – a crunchy snack that’s also healthy. Treat yourself to the deliciousness that is Simply 7 with these lentil chips and see for yourself that eating healthy doesn’t mean compromising taste and crunch.


2. Swimwear Wash – Fashion Care – $3

We were so excited to find out that a safe and efficient way to wash our bikinis. You can now get rid of grease from sunscreen with this wash that uses gentle plant based cleaners that will leave your swimsuits smelling great and looking as colourful as ever!


3. Superfood Crackers – Super Kale – Oh My Yummies – $6

You don’t have to eat kale if you don’t want to -let’s be honest, if you don’t know how to prepare it, it can sometimes taste like Christmas tree. These superfood crackers from Oh My Yummies contain a high source of protein, fibre & omega3 AND kale and they taste delicious. No prep needed.


4. Molkosan – Berry – A.Vogel – $14

Our bodies sometimes need a little push in order to be at it’s full potential. This product is a natural source of lactic acid and potassium and it’s great for your digestion and bone and tooth health.


5. Energy Ball – Coco-Berry Vitality Burst – Bounce – $2

When it comes to staying energized all day, we want snacks that are healthy, but tasty. This energy ball by Bounce tastes like raspberry jam. We love this refreshing flavour for the summer. It’ll keep you feeling full and ready to take on the Summer!


6. Dream Water – Snoozeberry – Sleep Easy – $3

Not getting enough sleep is definitely not good. It’s not good for our bodies on the inside and out! (hello dark circles!) This fast acting natural sleep aid helps increase total sleep and sleep quality. Made with GABA, melatonin and 5 HTP, it’s an easy and safe way to get enough sleep on those nights where it seems impossible to get some shut eye.


7. Lip Balm – Coconut – Kiss Me Honey – $5

This lip balm will have your lips moisturized and soothed in no time. It contains anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants ready to help you anytime of the day!


8. Conditioner – Nature Clean – $12

On a day when we want our hair to feel light and clean, we know we can’t go wrong with this natural conditioner. It conditions and nourishes with Vitamin B5 to help reduce split ends, repair and strengthen hair.


9. Frankincense Intense – Neal’s Yard Remedies – $1

As much as we love the idea of getting older (40 is the new 20), we’re a little less excited about the wrinkles that come with aging. This age-defying cream with plant stem cell technology and a peptide complex will make you feel better about that!

The value of our July boxes was between $37.50 and $49 depending on the box you got and contained 9-10 products.  Our boxes are like big loot bags and the product selection per box is always random but always a minimum product value of $35.

Our August box will include Rose Hair Elixir, Popcorn, Hemp Hearts, unsalted almonds and a bunch more healthy items! Click here to order our August box!

Happy July everyone!


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