What was in the March 2016 Little Life Box?

What was in the March 2016 Little Life Box?

The fun and excitement of getting a Little Life Box in the mail can’t be denied. Receiving healthy surprises at your door every month in a pretty package? Nobody can resist. Why? Because there is something in every box for everyone. A mix of snacks, beauty, vitamins and more.

This month our colour was light green; for one, it’s St.Patrick’s Day this month (duh!) and also, we’re kinda hoping we’ll start seeing some grass poking through the snow soon. Our members also get to benefit from a 25% discount code on our Little Life Shop during the month of March to get some extra goodies.

If you have been with us before, you know that our boxes vary in content every month. This means that if you pick the Original box and so did your neighbour, the products in your box can be different. We do this because we have a variety of products to feature every month and not all of these awesome brands are able to send us enough product for everyone.  So we have to mix it up! But we like it that way. Little Life Box is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!

So onto our unboxing. We randomly selected one of our Original Boxes to give you an idea of what you might receive.


  1. Chips – Salt & Vinegar – Hard Bite – $2

Swap your Doritos for these handmade, crispy babies.

2. Cheese Bites – Mrs.Crimbles – $4

Make your day brighter with these gluten-free cheese bites that are basically a healthier version of those cheese goldfish.


3. Loufah Glove – Urban Spa – $4.50

These grey gloves might not be what you were expecting to receive this month, but they exfoliate your skin like nothing else. Goodbye dead skin!


4. Coconut Cream – Earth’s Choice – $4

The way this coconut cream can replace any cooking cream or milk is impressive, and delicious.


5. Pain Relief Gel Patch – RelieveIt – $1

Give your muscles a break with this gel patch that will help ease the pain away.


6. Snack Bar – Spicy Pumpkin – Clif Bar – $2.25

A seasonal flavour like Spicy Pumpkin makes this bar one of our go-to snacks on busy days.


7. Lip Balm – Seabuckthorn – $4.95

As far as lip balms go, you can’t get much better than this. Gender neutral and efficient!


8. Sunscreen – Goddess Garden – $2

Since sunscreen should be worn year-round, why not opt for a natural version!?


9. Hemp Heart Bar – Chocolate – Manitoba Harvest – $2.50

Hemp is a whole protein that’s great for everyone (even vegans). The nutritional content of this bar is pretty impressive.


10. Heal to Toe – Seabuckthorn – $2.50

This balm is made for your feet and has amazing healing properties.


11. Sweetener with monk fruit – Lakanto – $0.25

A natural way to sweeten just about anything!






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