Why wear sunscreen every day?

Why wear sunscreen every day?

We tend to start thinking about wearing sunscreen when it's hot outside, but it's important to wear sunscreen even in colder or cloudy weather - no matter your skin type. Here's why:

1-To reduce the risk of developing cancer. Wearing sunscreen everyday is important. Sunshine or no sunshine, it is necessary to put on in order to avoid the risk of skin cancer.

2-To keep a uniform complexion and avoid brown spots or skin discoloration.

3 - To keep your skin looking young. Prolonged sun exposure and not wearing sunscreen can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles on your skin.

I strongly advise you to choose your sunscreen in terms of SPF, the higher it is, the better it is or in terms of quality. I also recommend choosing a natural sunscreen without chemicals. Do not forget to protect yourself this summer, but also every other month of the year.




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