Winter Hydration Guide

Winter Hydration Guide

Looking to combat that winter dryness? Does your skin get dull and flaky as soon as the first cold front hits? If you answered yes, then we definitely have a few things in common. I personally have such dry skin and the winter season just makes it so much worse. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than the itchy and tight feeling you get when your skin is begging for moisture! Especially under layers of clothing!

It’s so important to make sure your skin stays hydrated. It’s the largest organ in your body and absorbs so many great nutrients from the world around us! When you keep it nice and hydrated then irritation and acne are less likely to occur. The cold weather in the winter can disrupt this moisture and it may take a little extra TLC to bring it back! Drinking water and eating foods with high water contents of course are so important for staying hydrated. Water is vital to everyone! It has so many amazing functions in the body, from the cellular level all the way to your overall body maintenance! However, its just as important to hydrate your skin from the outside!

Here’s the amazing thing though; Little Life Box has you covered! This winter box is fantastic for helping calm the red and dry skin that Jack Frost tends to bring with him. This box is packed with products to help promote long lasting hydration! Here’s the products I’ve really been loving:

Urban Spa’s Boucle Bath Mitt: This mitt is fantastic! The boucle loups are amazing for a gentle exfoliation. This exfoliation will help any products sink in that much deeper. This product is my new best friend in the shower because as you wash yourself you also scrub away that dead skin! Its also budget-friendly as it help you save on soap; the loops really help to lather up soap and make you feel squeaky clean!

Dr. Botanicals Superfood Rescue Butter: Well, if you love citrus scents then this butter is perfect! The fresh lemon scent adds some brightness to your dreary winter days. Its so rich and creamy which is perfect for this time of year, everyone could use a little extra moisture! I really love this product either as a super thick moisturizer on its own or mixed with some body oil for maximum hydration.

Puur Cosmetic Hyaluronic Acid Serum: This serum is lightweight and contains very clean ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is amazing as it is naturally found in your body. This means your body can easily absorb all of the amazing benefits! The perfect moisture booster for every day or even under makeup! I love using this product at night-time after cleansing my face. It definitely adds a beautiful glow to my skin!

I hope this hydration guide will help you stay silky smooth throughout the cold winter months! Making sure you’re properly hydrated is so vital for living a healthy life. When your skin is stressed it can lead to other complications. During these months I urge you to do this small thing for yourself and hydrate your beautiful body!



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