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What is Little Life Box?

Little Life Box is a monthly health & beauty subscription box which delivers up to a dozen items to its member's doors each month. Background on the brands can be found in the past boxes section as well as information on where the products can be purchased.

How much money can I make on referrals?

Sales made through will pay a 10% commission on the total value of the sale before shipping and taxes are added in the form of store credits with a promo code. This includes all pre-paid multi-month options and Gift Boxes.

Recurring monthly subscriptions are separate and have a one-time commission of 10% on the first sale. More details on this are provided on the Affiliate Application Form

All commissions are paid out within 30 business days of the sale being made. An email will be sent with the personalized promo code to be used on any purchase on

What are the official hashtags of Little Life Box?


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