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Cha's Organics

Ceylon Curry Mix - Cha's Organics

Create a restaurant-quality Ceylon curry in under 30 minutes with 4 easy steps! Perfect for cozy dinners at home, this signature Ceylon curry kit includes a black curry paste pouch, an aromatic herb pouch and simple instructions for cooking an authentic Sri Lankan style curry in the comfort of your home.

Unique to Sri Lankan cuisine, Ceylon Black Curry Paste starts with a blend of spices gently roasted until they’re nice and toasty. Black pepper adds a good dose of heat to this curry, while coriander seeds are the dominant note in its signature taste. With the addition of tamarind paste and bursting with the robust flavour of spices forming delicate and nuanced flavours, this curry paste is the starting point for some of our favourite curries and it just might become a favourite of yours too!  

Made with plant-based, organic and allergen-friendly ingredients for a deliciously healthy meal that's better than takeout.

Pair with heirloom rice and complement with premium coconut milk for a complete culinary experience.