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Hungry Buddha

Coconut Jerky - Naked - Hungry Buddha

 Hungry Buddha Coconut Jerky is artisanally made from gently dehydrated coconut “meat”. It’s raw, organic, vegan, Non-GMO, preservative-free, gluten-free and hand-crafted.

A delicious, guilt-free snack with healthy fats to keep you fuller, longer, for on-the-go, healthy snacking. Naturally gluten-free and free from refined sugar, this better-for-you snack is great on its own, or as a meat replacement in salads, sandwiches and other recipes.

Lightly seasoned with sea salt, organic garlic powder and organic date paste, Hungry Buddha Naked Coconut Jerky is a sweet and savoury snack that brings a new and flavourful dimension to the classic coconut taste

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