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Jubel Naturals

Essential Oil Roll-On - Jubel Naturals

Their 100% natural aromatherapy roll-ons make aromatherapy easy and accessible. Perfect for those new to the practice, those with on-the-go lifestyles and those who enjoy the convenience of tried and tested blend recipes. These specially curated therapeutic grade essential oils have been blended in harmonious combinations to alleviate common everyday issues that crop up in busy and hectic modern-day lifestyles. Each roll-on is infused with a unique mix of essential oils with long histories of use based on unique properties and abilities to heal, rejuvenate and revitalize the body and mind.

Play Hard is an invigorating essential oil a blend that is designed to uplift throughout the day. Perfect boost for when you're heading off to work or school. This roll on compliments our Work Hard Roll On if you need to uplift post work or school day.


  1. Give the bottle a quick shake.
  2. Apply by rolling on your temples, wrist, under the chin and on the soles of the feet.
  3. Always start slow, with a light application and then increase as needed.
  4. For prolonged use, consult a healthcare practitioner.


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