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Power Yoga At Home

Online Yoga - 3 Month Membership - Power Yoga At Home

Take your flow, wherever you go. Little Life Box is offering you a 3 Month Membership to enjoy online yoga from the comfort of your home. Use the coupon code in your Winter Box to get your free 3 months.

Power Yoga at Home delivers hot sweaty power yoga on demand. Sweat, discover, transform no matter where you are. 

How do I sign-up?

1. Click here

2. Enter your information and then enter your promo code found on your card in your box at checkout. You will be able to enjoy 3 months of free yoga. You must cancel after the 3 months are over or else you will be charged $9.99 USD per month moving forward. You can cancel anytime and you will receive a reminder once the 3 free months are over reminding you to cancel if you wish to do so.