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Ayurvedic Facial

If you've been following our Instagram Stories then you know that my girl Vanessa Tavaglione at Seed & Rind worked some magic on my face when I went for my first ever Ayurvedic Facial.   I got many questions about this treatment and so I figured I would dive into it and talk more about what Vanessa does at Seed & Rind.    

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Vegan BLT

A bonus to sitting to the left of my grandfather was the endless buttered bread that came my way throughout every meal. It trained me well for my love of sandwiches!  There isn’t much that can not, and does not, become a sandwich in this house.

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Do you see what I C? (Vitamin C, that is)

Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid, is a vitamin that your body needs to form blood vessels, cartilage, muscle and collagen in bones. It is considered an antioxidant that is vital to your body’s healing process. Because our bodies do not produce Vitamin C we must look to our diets to maintain our recommended intake.

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Urban Herb Gardener

There are few things for a vegan that are more exciting than finding the freshest summer produce at the local grocery store, but growing your own is that one step further in connecting to the healthy foods that sustain you.

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3 reasons to meditate everyday

We live in a world where our attention is constantly solicited. For example, we bring our tablet or smartphone into our bed before going to bed. While easy access to information simplifies our lives, it has also become difficult to rest our minds by putting the entire digital world on hold. This is where meditation comes in and helps reduce our stress by freeing our thoughts and allowing us to focus on the present moment.

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5 Sources of Probiotics for Vegans

The very last thing that most people want to talk about is digestive health. Everyone loves to talk about, eat, photograph and blog yummy foods, but what happens to it after the tasty enjoyment is usually a hushed conversation amongst only the closest of friends.  In a modern world where most people are eating on the run, not always able to have healthy choices, and maybe not even having enough time to chew their food properly, gut health has become an issue for many.

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Quoi apporter à table en ce temps des fêtes!?

Noël, Jour de l’an…c’est la plus belle période de l’année. Par contre, pour certains, cette période peut être très stressante. On ne sait qu’invité. Bien, je vous ai préparé une liste de produits d’ici à découvrir et qui sont, selon moi, une merveilleuse façon de remercier les gens qui nous reçoivent ou de partager avec les gens qu’on aime lorsqu’on reçoit. Voici la liste de mes produits chouchous cette année :

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Ayurvedic Beauty Files : Purifying Mask Recipe for Kapha Skin

As an Ayurvedic facialist, I always apply the principle that treatments must be carefully customized according to the person’s specific skin type and current imbalances. This, by default, makes me an avid believer of the now called  ‘’slow beauty’’ movement which involves the active participation in one’s healing process while encouraging consistent practices for long term beauty goals.

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Yoga posture of the month - Discover Your Inner Warrior

Named after a fierce warrior named Virabhadra, the physical expression of Warrior II pose represents the focused attention and warrior strength required to prepare for battle. Over time, as we strengthen our bodies and our minds, we learn how to face and defeat all our challenges swiftly and gracefully.

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Vata Season Eats: Butternut-Apple Soup with Spiced Hazelnut Topping

In Ayurveda, fall and early winter are governed by Vata dosha, formed by the elements of air and ether, bringing with it the qualities of dryness, movement, lightness, and coolness. As we are intrinsically linked to our environment and its ever shifting states, you may have noticed these same qualities also being aroused within your […] The post Vata Season Eats: Butternut-Apple Soup with Spiced Hazelnut Topping appeared first on Little Life Blog.

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Yoga posture of the month – Garland Pose

Mālāsana – Garland Pose – Getting back to tradition As I travelled in Thailand and India, I noticed that it was very common to see people crouched in a squat position in their everyday activities. This tradition has incredible benefits ( tones the entire lower body, works the quadricep, hamstring, gluteal, and calf muscles of […] The post Yoga posture of the month – Garland Pose appeared first on Little Life Blog.

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