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Açai Bowl

Ingredients: -1 1/2 frozen banana -1/2 cup frozen blueberries -1 packet of frozen unsweetened Acai puree (found in all health groceries) -1 medjool date -1 tablespoon Justins almond butter -1/4 fresh or frozen avocado -Almond milk to taste (the more you put the more it will be liquid) Instructions: Put everything in a blender. Mix until it is homogeneous. Put in a bowl. Garnish with your favorite fruits, granola and superfoods. For mine (as seen in the photo) I added raw cacao nibs, granola, raspberries, sliced ​​bananas, goji berries and chocolate coconuts. Enjoy!

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DIY Bath Soak

Let's face it, choosing a gift for the women in your life can be tough work. Trying to find that perfect balance of heartfelt, useful, and pretty while still not breaking the bank can be tricky. Enter the DIY project! DIY's are simple to make, affordable, and if you pick the right DIY it can be zero-waste AND targeted specifically towards the person's interests!

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3 reasons to meditate everyday

We live in a world where our attention is constantly solicited. For example, we bring our tablet or smartphone into our bed before going to bed. While easy access to information simplifies our lives, it has also become difficult to rest our minds by putting the entire digital world on hold. This is where meditation comes in and helps reduce our stress by freeing our thoughts and allowing us to focus on the present moment.

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5 Sources of Probiotics for Vegans

The very last thing that most people want to talk about is digestive health. Everyone loves to talk about, eat, photograph and blog yummy foods, but what happens to it after the tasty enjoyment is usually a hushed conversation amongst only the closest of friends.  In a modern world where most people are eating on the run, not always able to have healthy choices, and maybe not even having enough time to chew their food properly, gut health has become an issue for many.

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Vegan Burger

With the increased interest in a vegan lifestyle there are many every day chainrestaurants who have added vegan burgers to their menu; we even found a 100%vegan burger restaurant who has several Ontario locations.

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Yoga posture of the month - Low lunge Pose

Anjaneyasana is in honor of Anjani the cloud woman, mother of Lord Hanuman. The pose resembles a young, divine child (Anjaneya), reaching towards the sky and warmth of the Sun. In this pose, let your inner child shine as you find the balance between grasping for something and raising your hands in wonder. Enjoy the feeling of being deeply grounded even as you rise.

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Où Bruncher Végane à Montréal

  Ashley’s Ashley’s a ouvert ses portes, il y a quelques mois déjà dans Notre-Dame-de Grâce. Pour le brunch, on propose un menu végétarien et végane. Si vous cherchez une ambiance moderne et chaleureuse, vous y trouverez votre compte.  Aux Vivres  Pour un brunch copieux, Aux Vivres, c’est la place. Du tofu brouillé avec du bacon de tempeh à des crêpes comme qu’on les aimes, le menu plaira aux véganes comme aux carnivores.  Lov On l’aime pour son ambiance et la qualité des ingrédients. On y trouve des crêpes, des gaufres, des toasts à l’avocat, des smoothies, mais aussi une omelette végane. Définitivement, une place tendance à Montréal .  Invitation V Rénové récemment, cet endroit sera vous accueillir dans une...

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